Higher Education Practice

Self-Paced CRIS University

About this Workshop

This self paced introductory workshop provides university professionals who prepare F&A rate proposals with an overview of the Maximus Comprehensive Rate Information System - CRIS. In this workshop, participants will:

  • Gain a basic familiarity with the CRIS application, under the direction of Maximus staff.
  • Complete a CRIS model, using data for a simulated university.
  • Calculate an F&A rate for the modeled university and generate reports for a rate proposal.
  • Learn how to use the CRIS analytical tools to optimize rates and to make data driven decisions.
  • Step through the CRIS process of calculating the Utility Cost Adjustment, which may increase your Organized Research F&A rate by up to 1.3 points.
CRIS is compliant with Uniform Guidance 2 CFR PART 200 and is the most proven and widely trusted F&A software in the industry. Over 250 institutions use CRIS to calculate and negotiate F&A rates. CRIS has demonstrated and proven the optimization of F&A reimbursement through thousands of negotiations with HHS-CAS and ONR.

Workshop Instructors

Ms. Caroline Beeman, Director
Ms. Inna Gvozdeva, Director
Ms. Anne Feuerborn, Director
Mr. Chuck Wuensch, Senior Manager
Ms. Mitzi Singleton, Senior Manager

Course Modules

  • Module 3: Payroll and Department View, cont'd, Finalize the Cost Pools, Building, Equipment
  • Module 5: Allocations Part 1, Allocations Part 2, Rate Results, Proposal Prep


The workshop is $1,500 for all five (5) modules. You will have access to the online workshop for 90 days after purchase. Discounts may apply for CRIS Licensees.